Who Can Apply And Costs?

If you are a serving member of the RN/RM there is no cost. NOCG will provide transportation to and from Dover to NOCG. Food, accommodation, instruction and all activity-specific specialist equipment is also provided. Please consult our kit list for all other personal equipment that you are required to bring.

RN/RM Families

NOCG offers an RN/RM families package during New Year and Easter leave periods.

Civilian Participation in Adventurous Training

Participation at NOCG is only for serving members of the RN/RM and for other qualifying military forces working with them with appropriate Command clearance. Unfortunately we are unable to offer places to MOD civilians working with or for the Naval Service. This is a Tri Service policy. For further information please consult JSP 419/BR 51(3).

Klettersteiging in Bavaria with NOCG