NOCG Families

Our Location

Being right at the bottom of Germany in the heart of the Bavarian Alps, NOCG is in easy driving distance of France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia! This opens up a wealth of travelling opportunities for all those based at NOCG. With hot summers 30+ and cold winters, summer activites are plentiful whilst there is always somewhere to ski from Dec - Apr!!!!


NOCG has a number of military personnel assigned to the staff which is a married accompanied draft. As there are no official military quarters within this region of Germany all personnel are therefore accommodated in civilian hirings in and around the local area. All singletons will also be accommodated within a private hiring along with other single members of staff.


All medical and dental facilities are well established within the area, utilising local doctors, paediatricians for children and dentists, all providing some excellent private heath care for staff and their families.


The language spoken is German with various dialects and accents heard in the area. Many people do speak a little English but should you be thinking of joining the team, German lessons are highly recommended.

Children, from the time they turn 4 years old, are eligible for German lessons. Parents arrange the lessons privately and are then reimbursed through Service Children Education (SCE).

The BBC web site has a comprehensive Learn German section aimed at all levels. BBC - Languages - German .


There are various large supermarkets located close to all housing areas, the main local shopping area being Sonthofen or Immenstadt. Kempten is the nearest large city with good shopping facilities in a pedestrian area plus a new shopping Mall called the Forum. Many British online shops will deliver to civilian German address and/or the BFPO address. IKEA is located in Ulm about 1.5 hours away and the nearest US Post Exchange (PX) in Garmish also 1.5 hours away. An installation pass is now needed for access to US Bases which can be arranged on arrival to NOCG. A NAAFI service is organised on a monthly basis through JSMTW (JS Training Centre Oberstdorf). NOCG currently has Tax free status which will allow you to purchase Tax free goods and Vehicles during your assignment.


There are no service schools/nurseries local to NOCG and all education is undertaken at local German schools. Advice and financial assistance is available from Service Children Education (SCE) Rhine Office who will advise and authorise applicable allowances. It is important that you are fully aware of the financial implication and should read JSP 342 Chapter 13.

Nursery Allowance

In overseas areas where there is no SCE nursery provision but where there is a suitable alternative nursery provider, the ISODET nursery allowance is payable to entitled personnel.

For parents in isolated locations where there is no suitable local nursery provider an ISODET 'Foundation Stage Learning at Home' pack for parents is available on loan from SCE.

Continuity of Education Allowance (Boarding) (CEA Board)

Personnel intending to place their children into Boarding School should check their eligibility with their current RAO before undertaking this commitment. There are service Boarding facilities within Germany (eg, Rheindahlen) for older children for which special allowances apply. Further information is available from SCE.

Working And Jobs

Dependants employed in the UK are normally entitled to Job Seekers Allowance when moving to Germany with their spouse. To claim the allowance they will need to complete the necessary forms before leaving the UK which are available form the local Job Centre or online. Please ensure it is explained that they are married to a member of the British Forces moving to Germany on posting and wish to export the benefit. This must be done before departure from the UK. On arrival in Germany individuals need to register within seven days at the local Benefit Office (Agentur für Arbeit) in Sonthofen.

The Hive Germany web site has access to many points of information regarding moving to Germany.

There are currently very limited job opportunities for dependants within NOCG however there are a number of military lodges within the area which provide job opportunities.

TV, Phone And Internet

A satellite dish will be required to access UK stations but advice should be obtained prior to installation however most hirings have or can be fitted with BFBS.

Telephone and internet connections must be made individually through Deutsche Telekom. There are TMobile offices and shops in all main shopping areas where this can be arranged.

What To Do In Bavaria

There are miles of walking routes that stretch along rivers and valleys way up into the stunning surrounding alps. Cycle routes are plentiful with all high level routes well marked and taken care of. The local area also offers other kinds of challenging sports, from water skiing, white water rafting, to canoeing, climbing and of course skiing, ski touring, snow boarding, sledging and more in the winter months.

The Bavarian Tourism web site provides much information on sights, arts and culture, festivals, markets, tours, cities, camping and hotels and is well worth a look.

Social Life And Events

NOCG holds socials at various locations with events ranging from BBQ's at local pitches and fancy dress parties to kayaking days with picnics and afternoons at climbing walls. All socials are open to everyone including family and friends that may be visiting but are not obligatory.

Spouses also meet on a 2 weekly basis to catch up, drink coffee and eat homemade cake! There are also chances to meet with families from the other 2 Services. Children also meet to play and sometimes have Craft Clubs at special times of year (Mother's Day, Easter, Father's day, Halloween, Christmas).

The Army wives stationed in the area also organise monthly 'Ladies Nights' and there is always an open invitation to these dinner, dances, casino and shopping trips.

Many spouses also go out walking, running, cycling, swimming and skiing. There are many outdoor pursuits to take up on your own or with friends, plus local gyms and exercise classes can be found. Group skiing lessons can be held over the winter months for all levels.

The local area has lots of restaurants with many serving traditional German food. There are also pizza & pasta restaurants, Chinese restaurants and Indian take-aways, plus Greek and Croatian restaurants to choose from. There are also numerous bars and Sonthofen has a few nightclubs for those wanting a night on the town!

Thinking of Joining?

NOCG is a fantastic location with a wealth of opportunities for individuals and families alike. If you are interested in joining the NOCG team please contact the 2IC who will be more than happy to provide further details.

Typical village where NOCG families live NOCG families can enjoy sledging Typical Bavarian hut serving coffee and refreshments NOCG families can enjoy winter sports Typical Bavarian countryside scenery Paragliding and other outdoor activities available in Bavaria NOCG families can enjoy winter sports NOCG families can enjoy living in southern Germany NOCG families can enjoy living in southern Germany Panoramic scenery in southern Germany

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