NOCG Instructors

The NOCG has a mixture of RN/RM Physical Trainers, civilian instructors some of which are ex military and locally employed civilian instructors. All instructors are highly motivated and qualified to give you a safe and enjoyable learning experience. The NOCG aims to challenge its visitors both physically and mentally whilst introducing students to new activities and environments.

The Aim of Joint Service Adventurous Training (JSAT) is defined as follows:
'Develop individual courage and leadership skills through controlled exposure to risk in a challenging outdoor environment in order to enhance Operational Capability.'

Whatever ability level our visitors possess, the instructors at NOCG look to use the range of activities on offer to achieve the aim of JSAT. Are you ready for the challenge?

RN/RM Instructor Development

Here at NOCG we are always looking to further develop our instructors through the whole spectrum of AT qualifications. The base level of qualifications to deliver at NOCG is as follows:

  • Mountain Bike Leader (Or Civilian equivalent)
  • Joint Service L2 Coach in Kayak/Canoe (Or Civilian Equivalent)
  • Rock Climbing Supervisor (Or Civilian Equivalent)
  • Mountain Leader Summer
  • Klettersteig Leader
  • Ski Leader 1 or BASI L2

As an instructor at NOCG we look to develop you as much as we can. During an assignment at NOCG you will be challenged as much as the students to push your own boundaries and upgrade your qualifications and experience.

Instructors at NOCG

Are you an Instructor?

NOCG is always on the lookout for qualified instructors from across the Naval Service to assist in delivering AT in this challenging and exciting environment. If you hold any of the above qualifications or higher and can be spared, we would love to have you join in with our instructional team.

NOCG is not just a centre for the masses. We are also here to help develop, reinvigorate and provide confidence and CPD to all those with instructional qualifications within and outside of the Physical Training specialisation.

We offer the opportunity to work alongside our instructors who will support and provide guidance and training should you require it.

Ski instructors at NOCG