Summer Activities


This is your chance to experience the thrills of single pitch climbing and abseiling amongst the beautiful mountains of Bavaria.

There are a vast selection of local venues all within easy travelling distance of NOCG.

The range and diversity of the area offers a challenging experience for all levels.

Climbing with NOCG
Climbing with NOCG


A Klettersteig (German for climbing path) or Via Ferrata (Italian for iron road) is a mountain route which is equipped with fixed cables, ladders, and bridges. There are many within the local area of NOCG which vary in difficulty.

The sense of exposure and achievement has to be experienced to be believed and by the end of the day you will have had a truly memorable day in the mountains.

Klettersteiging with NOCG
Klettersteiging with NOCG

Mountain Biking

This is your chance to experience the thrills of touring the fantastic local country side on tracks and trails. Comprehensive tuition will be given throughout your day on all aspects of riding and equipment whilst being challenged both physically and mentally by your instructor.

It is strongly advised to bring cycling shorts to enhance your experience (these can be purchased locally). Whatever level of biker, you will come away having been challenged, educated or overwhelmed by the beauty Bavaria has to offer!

Mountain biking with NOCG
Mountain biking with NOCG


The lakes and rivers in and around NOCG provide an ideal venue to experience the thrills and spills of kayaking and canoeing. You will be introduced to kayaking/canoeing on a lake in the morning, taught the basic skills, then use these new found skills on moving water in the afternoon. Standby to get wet!

Kayaking with NOCG
Kayaking with NOCG


The Allgäu is one of the most beautiful walking regions in the country with a variety of terrain for all abilities.

Walking in Bavaria with NOCG
Walkers reach mountain top in Bavaria with NOCG

Distributed Training

NOCG delivers Distributed Training (DT) courses on a weekly basis. The courses consists of 5 days on one activity which gives students an in depth foundational knowledge of that activity in preparation for future instructional qualifications.

The following courses can be delivered at NOCG:

  • Rock Single Pitch Foundation (RSF)
  • Kayak or Open Canoe Foundation (K2F/O2F/K3N*) *Must have previous kayak experience or have a K2F qualification
  • Mountain Bike Foundation (MBF)
  • Summer Mountain Foundation (SMF)

If you wish to participate on one of these courses please ask on arrival to NOCG.

NOCG Distributed Training