Naval Outdoor Centre Germany

The Royal Navy's adventurous and challenging activities centre situated in the beautiful Allgäu area of Bavaria, Germany

Klettersteig at NOCG
The Aim of NOCG

NOCG's aim is to deliver Naval Service members an opportunity to participate in Adventurous activities that are physically and mentally challenging. Using controlled exposure to risk, individuals will depart better prepared for the demands and rigours of operational life.

This is achieved in the form of exciting and highly enjoyable Winter and Summer based activities, delivered over a 5-day training package.

Lottery Support

The first surprise for many will be the fact that personal contributions will be £0, that's right nothing!! We are supported by both the RN/RM Sports Lottery and the RN/RM Charity, so join today!

All students are reminded that they MUST be in possession of an in date GHIC card.
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The aims of NOCG
Klettersteig at NOCG