The booking office is open daily between 0800 - 1130 GMT Call: 0049 8324 9337 4220


NOTICE: Due to NOCG computer system updates if you submitted an application between 6-18 November 2017 please check with the admin clerk that it has been received.


Use the calendar below to check dates that you are interested in.

The Spaces column shows how many students can attend. The Reserve Spaces column shows how many reserves will be allocated.

Use the booking/enquiry form to make an application or find out more information.

Availability February

S S M T W T F Spaces Available Reserve Spaces Available
1 No spaces available
2 Places allocated, spaces/reserve
spaces still available
3 Bookings being taken
4 Closed

How NOCG Allocates Places

NOCG will routinely allocate places 3 months in advance.  Between 52 and 65 places are available each week dependent on season.

NOCG will also allocate up to 20 reserve places each week as there are always cancellations from the initial allocations.

All students are reminded that they MUST be in possesion of an in date EHIC card.
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